By Chantal Valiquette


Do you feel it?

Pulling you down, deeper

And deeper

Like a warm blanket that envelops you and then gets too tight

You settle into it comfortably

Without thought or concern

Not noticing how hard it’s become to breathe

You can’t see how tired you’ve become

Until you can barely get up

Living for the moments before you wake

And the mere seconds of peace

Before sleep comes

You can’t see how tired you’ve become

Until you find your reflection

The pale skin and tired eyes

That stare back at you



You smile to change the picture

But it still looks distorted


It continues

On and on and on

You don’t notice how lonely you are

Until you’re completely surrounded

With no one to hold on to

You can reach out in all directions

And touch and feel

But not connect

If only you could connect

Is it normal?

Are you okay?

You question it

But why bother?

You wonder what the point is

Is there ever any goddamn point