A Family Crisis

By Sherwin Wong During a family crisis, those in healthcare are expected to play two roles. One is the role of the health care professional, analyzing and advocating for the sick. The other is to be a supportive, caring and compassionate family member. It is a strange and delicate balance to try to keep and … Continue reading A Family Crisis

A Spectrum of Palliative Care

By Scott Wakeham As our society’s aging population and burden of chronic disease is increasing, palliative care is becoming ever more necessary. The World Health Organization describes palliative care as “an approach that improves quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life threatening illness”. (1) This is not limited … Continue reading A Spectrum of Palliative Care

Death, Poetry, and the Attempt to Fill the Void

By Ashna Asim Foucault speculated that we live death – that death shapes who we are. In The Birth of the Clinic, he discusses how death has changed over different time periods. In the Renaissance, death was the great equalizer. Irrespective of the social hierarchies that exist while alive, it was believed that we live … Continue reading Death, Poetry, and the Attempt to Fill the Void

Interview with Dr. Craig Goldie

By Malak Elbatarny Malak Elbatarny: Given your interactions with patients and families facing difficult news, what advice would you give to medical students about breaking bad news? Dr. Craig Goldie: First, make sure you are aware of the full details of the news (what is confirmed, what is outstanding (i.e. sometimes there are outstanding stains … Continue reading Interview with Dr. Craig Goldie

The Lessons We Learn from Death: A Perspective on Cadavers in Medical Education

By Edrea Khong The room feels sterile, a little chilled, tucked away in some mystical portion of the building. There’s an odd buzzing noise in the background, a quiet reminder of the infrastructure at work to make the room as pleasant as possible.  The students are hushed as they shuffle along quietly, filling the room … Continue reading The Lessons We Learn from Death: A Perspective on Cadavers in Medical Education