Next Issue’s Theme:

“Future Directions in Medicine”

As a community newsletter, the QMR publicizes a wide variety of articles on subjects ranging from healthcare debates to art submissions. Please see the below for style guidelines according to the nature of the submission.

Style Guidelines


Please use MLA style (see here for details).

Other Tips

  • Please include serial commas (i.e. include the comma before conjunctions like “and” in lists such as apples, oranges, and bananas).
  • If you’ve used the words “health care” in your article, please make sure that the spelling
    of health care is uniform throughout the article (QMR has adopted “health care” and not “healthcare”).
  • If you’ve included a figure in your article, please include a brief caption to accompany the figure. As well, references for the source of the figures must be present.

All writers should be aware that their submissions may be subject to peer review. As well, the Secretary will contact all writers to ask for permission to make minor changes to the submissions without consulting them about every edit before publishing the issue. Writers will be consulted on any changes deemed by the Editorial Board to significantly impact their arguments and/or ideas.

The Editor(s)-in-Chief and the Editorial Board will carefully consider all submissions. Prior to the publication, the Editor(s)-in-Chief will contact all submitters regarding the status of their submissions.

All submissions should be emailed to by the deadline.